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Lives in the forest next to Thunderclan and Shadowclan.

Welcome to Riverclan!


Leader:Snowstar(Snowfur),White she-cat.9 lives.

Deputy:Hollyfeather,Fluffy black she cat with dark blue eyes.Mate:Swifteyes

Medicine cat:Brambleheart,Bramble colored tom

Medicine cat apprentice:Sunwalker,Orange she-cat who learnes quickly

Warriors:Marshfur,Mud brown tom Mate:Shortclaw,Caveheart,Grey she-cat,Swifteyes,Orange tom.Exelent fighter.Mate:Hollyfeather,Plantpelt,Mudie green tom with green eyes.Mate:Smalltail,Barkfoot,Black she-cat with bark brown eyes,Oceanflow,Sea green tom who absolutly loves to swim,Rockshine,Grey she-paw with light blue eyes,Beachflow,Cream colored tom who loves to fight,


Queens:Shortclaw,River blue she-cat Mate:Marshfur,Smalltail,Orange she-cat with a rather small tail.Mate:Plantpelt,


Elders:Mousespirit,Elderly brown tom,


River Rock

Today Brambleheart would like to say a few words.I'd like to ask Sunpaw to come up here.Sunpaw,you have trained and have learned almost everything I know so It's time you got your medicine cat name.From this day on you will be knowwn as Sunwalker.