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Lives in the forest next to Riverclan and Windclan.

Welcome to Shadowclan!


Leader:Cheetahstar(Cheetahclaw),info? 9 lives.

Deputy:Frosrdapple,Frosty she-cat.

Medicine cat:Longlegs,Yellow tom

Medicine cat apprentice:

Warriors:Brackencpelt,Brown tom,Cobrafang,Very feirce tom cat,Clumsyfoot,Clumsy tom,Spidertail,Brown tom with a very long tail.Mate:Sprittail,Morningflower,Bright yellow she-cat with a white paw.Apprentice:Bluepaw,Shadowfang,Black she-cat that Longlegs thinks might be Shadowstar reborn.Apprentice:Eaglepaw,Snakefang,Playful tom with pale green fur.Apprentice:Lightpaw,Tinyears,Bright she-cat with a black pelt who happens to be the littlest of her litter,Mountianspirit,Graceful she-cat with yellow pelt with black spots,Blueshadow,Grey she-cat with green eyes,Lightstripe,Bright tom with a good attitude almost all the time,Eagleflight,Tiny white tom with claws like an eagles,


Queens:Spirittail,Blue eyed she-cat.Mate:Spidertail,




Dead Tree

Bluepaw,Lightpaw,and Eaglepaw are ready to become warriors.Will you protect your clan even if it means risking your life? "Yes"Then I giveyou your warrior names, Blueshadow,Lightstripe,and Eagleflight