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Lives in the forest next to Wnidclan and Riverclan.

Welcome to Thunderclan!


Leader:Sorrelstar,(Sorrelcloud) Black she-cat with ember eyes.Mate:Mossmoon.

Deputy:Skyheart,Grey she-cat with unusual light blue paws.

Medicine Cat:Tigerpelt,White tom with black stripes on his back

Medicine Cat apprentice:

Warriors:Jayfeather,Brown she-cat who is blind,Mossmoon,Black pelted tom with white paws and a grey muzzle.Mate:Sorrelstar,Morningsun,Orange-red tom.Mate:Sunfur,Snowflight,White tom,Icesky,Faint blue fured she-cat,Mooneyes,Black she-cat.Mate:Scareye,Lionclaw,brown tom with green eyes.Apprentice:Dawnpaw,Tigerstripe,Brown tom.Mate:Darkmoon,Scarletblood,Red she-cat with brown eyes with a ring of red,Ghostwhisper,Pale she-cat,Mudtail,Mud brown tom,Lightningfoot,Yellow she-cat with blue eyes.Very fast,Cloudsky,Fluffy white she-cat.Mate:Dawnsky,Rockfrost,Stone colored tom,Sandsky,Sand colored she-cat with green eyes,Berrypelt,Fluffy grey tom,Dirtpelt,Light brown tom with green eyes,Scareye,blind tom with tortoiseshell fur and a scar across one eye.Mate:Mooneyes,


Queens:Sunfur,Orange she-cat.Mate:Morningsun,Darkmoon,Black she-cat with ember eyes.Mate:Tigerstripe.Expecting kits,Dawnsky,Orange she-cat with blue eyes.Mate:Cloudsky.,Sorrelstar,(Sorrelcloud) Black she-cat with ember eyes.Mate:Mossmoon.,

Kits:Brokenkit, Tom with a crocked tail.Mother:Dawnsky,Rabbitkit, Brown and white tom cat who is as fast as a rabbit.Mother:Sorrelstar,

Elders:Poppyfur,Elderly black tom with spots that look like poppy seed on his pelt,Warclaw,Elderly black pelted tom.Half pharot,Grasstail,Elderly brown pelted tom who loves to role in the grass,Blackclaw,Elderly black tom with grey paws.Very moody,

High Rock

Grasstail, and Blackclaw want to become elders. Is it your wish to give up your warrior name to become a elder? "Yes" You are now elders. Thunderclan honors all the work you have done for us.