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Lives in the forest next to Thunderclan and Shadowclan.

Welcome to Windclan! 


Leader:Rainstar(Raincloud),Grey she-cat.9 lives.

Deputy:Rainheart,Sea blue she-cat

Medicine cat:Frostfur,Frost colored she-cat

Medicine cat apprentice:Thornpaw,Brown she-cat who can hide easily

Warriors:Sootheart,Grey tom,Midnightheart,Black she-cat,Waterheart,River colored she-cat,Snowheart,White she-cat,Finfur,Yellow she-cat,Rainwhisker,Brown she-cat,Cheetahpool,Yellow tom with ember eyes.Mate:Leafdew,Fishskin,A tom with a shiny grey pelt,like a fishes skales.Mate:Riverflow,Waterclaw,Blue eyed,grey fured she-cat,Snowfur,Snow white tom with green eyes,Icefrost,Frosty blue tom,Thistlesun,Sharp senced she-kit who loves to fight with her brother.Black fured,Moorwind,Spirited white tom who loves to run on the open moor and fight with his sister,Thornnose,Brown she-cat who can hide easily,


Queens:Leafdew,Mud green she-cat.Mate:Cheetahpool,Riverflow,Icy blue she-cat.Mate:Fishskin,


Elders:Riverfang,Elderly black she-cat who suprisingly had kits.Mate:Spottedpool,Spottedpool,Grey spotted tom.Mate:Riverfang,


Moor Dip

Thornpaw is ready to become an warrior.Will you protect your clan even if it means risking your life? "Yes" Then by the power of Starclan, I give you your warrior name, Thornnose.